About the Chamber

Our Mission Statement

The Perry Chamber of Commerce supports, advocates and provides networking opportunities for individuals and businesses in the communities we serve.

The Place to be since 1893!

As a Chamber of Commerce, we value our members and initiate business-to-business networking and connecting professionals of Noble County and surrounding areas. Perry was born of the Land Run of 1893. It is the home of Charles Machine Works/Ditch Witch, the wrestling capitol of the nation, Kumback Café (one of the oldest cafes in the state) and Kemnitz Sinclair Station (the longest continuous operating gas station in Oklahoma). Come visit our historic downtown square or go back in time to 1910 at Rose Hill School. Perry is a unique day-getaway or a destination to become your home!

The Perry Chamber of Commerce was sanctioned on May 25, 1921. Moving beyond individual interests to that of a collective group, the establishment of chambers provided merchants, traders, craftsmen and industries a public forum to discuss issues facing them as a business community. This representation of common interests became, and remains, the foundation of chambers of commerce worldwide.

Gaining acceptance from local businesses also helped the chamber cause. Merchants rapidly established close dialogue with chambers, seeing them as a legitimate and institutionalized common voice of business. The early Chambers of Commerce undertook its role to promote the sales of goods. They organized the markets, enforced rules of trade and protected goods in transit, but their activities were limited to those directly concerned with commerce. The true community organization came later when business professionals realized that their own prosperity depended upon the development of a prosperous , healthy, and happy community.

Today, the Perry Chamber of Commerce still operates under the original main core values of its establishment in 1921. We support, advocate, and provide networking opportunities to individuals and businesses in the communities we serve.

There are several benefits for investing in the Perry Chamber of Commerce; we thrive to provide opportunities that promote your business or organization year-round. You can be involved by volunteering, hosting events or activities, and attending functions, every member works toward a collaborative effort to benefit the community we love.

The Perry Chamber of Commerce has happily served Perry for over 100 years, and we are excited to continue our endeavors to make it the best community we can live, grow, and call home.

​The Perry Chamber of Commerce and City of Perry are happy to partner together for the Perry Community and it’s great citizens! Together we can succeed!